Tournament Rules


  1. Age Categories.
    U7 = Players born 1st September 2013 and after
    U8 = Players born 1st September 2012 and after
    U9 = Players born 1st September 2011 and after
    U10 = Players born 1st September 2010 and after
    U11 = Players born 1st September 2009 and after
    U12 = Players born 1st September 2008 and after
    U13 = Players born 1st September 2007 and after
    U14 = Players born 1st September 2006 and after
    U15/16 = Players born 1st September 2004 and after
  2. Teams. Teams in U7s to U14s age groups will field 7 players with a maximum squad size of 13 players. U15/16’S age groups will field 6 players with a maximum squad size of 13 players.
  3. Equipment. All jewellery must be removed before entering the field of play. Players must wear shinpads. Trainers, Astro boots and football boots are allowed. However, the suitability and safety of all equipment is at the discretion of the referee who will judge according to the prevailing conditions. The ball will be Size 3 for U7s, U8s & U9’s, Size 4 for U10s – U14s and size 5 for U15+. The Europa Cup will provide match balls.
  4. Colour clash. In the event of a colour clash the team named first will be required to change their shirts, wear them inside out or wear distinguishing bibs.
  5. Choice of ends. The team named first in the schedule will have choice of ends. Their opponents will kick-off.
  6. Time control. Teams must ensure they arrive at the correct pitch at the correct time. Failure to do so may result in less match time. If a team doesn’t show for their match, a 2-0 win will be awarded to the opposition.
  7. Substitutions. Roll-on roll-off substitutions are allowed at all age groups but they can only be made with the referee’s permission and when the ball is dead.
  8. Referees. The referee’s decision is final. The Europa Cup will not over-rule any decision.
  9. Goalkeepers. At U7s and 8s, goalkeepers may fly-kick the ball out of their hands. For all other age groups, the goal keeper must release the ball by hand to another player. A goalkeeper cannot roll the ball to himself and clear with his feet. Infringement of this rule will result in an indirect free kick. Players are allowed in the goal area and the goalkeeper allowed out of the area. Goal kicks are taken from the goal line. Players must be at least 3 metres away from the ball for all free kicks and goal kicks. The goalkeeper is not allowed to pick the ball up as a result of a deliberate back-pass at any age group. There are no retreat rules for goal kicks. 
  10. Match Time. The duration of all matches is 15 minutes.
  11. Scoring. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.
  12. Drawn matches. Where Semi Finals and Finals matches are drawn, they will be resolved by the taking of penalty kicks. The team named first in the schedule will shoot first. Each team will take 3 penalties alternately, using 3 different players from the team on the field at the final whistle. If the scores are level teams will continue to take alternate penalties, firstly by the remaining players and then in the same order as before, until one team scores and the other team fails. Only players on the field at the final whistle may take penalties.
  13. Red Cards. Any player sent off will take no further part in the match and will not take part in the team’s next match.
  14. Off-Side. There are no off-sides.
  15. Penalty Area. The penalty area will be clearly marked.
  16. Throw-In. A  regular throw-In will be taken if the ball passes over the touch line.
  17. Reporting results. Referees should hand in all results directly to the tournament organisers
  18. Normal Rules. Except for these provisions, the laws of the Football Association apply.

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