Frequently Asked Questions

Booking and Payments

How much does this tour cost?

There are two elements of pricing: Tournament Entry Fee (£1500 per team) and Tour Package Fee (from £279 per person).

The Tournament Entry Fee includes a maximum squad size of 13 players.

How do I book this tour for my team?

1. Select your Tour Package
2. Submit your Team Information, Tour Size & Package choice to The Europa Cup
3. Receive a full quote
4. Start collecting deposit payments from everyone going on your tour and make deposit payment to confirm your tour
5. Pay full balance by 10 March 2023

One representative from your team must be responsible for the booking process (i.e: the team manager) and all requests/payments must go via them.

Can you reserve a place for my team?

All places are available on a first come-first serve basis. In order to secure your team place, you must make the deposit payment of £50 per person and £250 towards the Tournament Entry Fee.

I want to book an extra day, how do I do this?

Please email us at [email protected] to obtain a quote for extra nights at your chosen accommodation.

I want to add an additional person after my initial booking.

Please ensure that if your numbers change that you inform us as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that there will still be space left at your chosen accommodation (but we will do the best we can in all circumstances to accommodate you).

Is there a limit on how many spectators we can bring?

No, there will be no limit on how many spectators can come on the tour with your team. We encourage bringing as many family & friends as possible so you can all share the once-in-a-lifetime experience together!

What can we do to help us pay for this tour?

Many teams tend to do fundraising activities such as setting up online pages (Just Giving/Go Fund Me etc), Sponsored walks & bake sales at their clubhouses, attracting local sponsors (Hairdressers/Restaurants/Businesses etc).
In some cases, your football club may cover the Tournament Entry Fee for your team. It is worth exploring this option with your club chairman.

What happens if there is another COVID-19 situation?

Please see our dedicated page for information on COVID-19

Can I cancel my/someone's place after booking?

Please note all deposits are non-refundable

Balance payments will be refunded in full if written notice is received 60 days before travel. See points 5. and 6. for further information on our cancellation policy:

The Football

What age matrix do you use?

The age matrix used in The Europa Cup will follow the same precedence as the UK matrix i.e. following school year.

U7 = Players born 1st September 2015 and after
U8 = Players born 1st September 2014 and after
U9 = Players born 1st September 2013 and after
U10 = Players born 1st September 2012 and after
U11 = Players born 1st September 2011 and after
U12 = Players born 1st September 2010 and after
U13 = Players born 1st September 2009 and after
U14 = Players born 1st September 2008 and after
U15/16 = Players born 1st September 2006 and after

Dispensation: No dispensation for overage players is allowed (i.e a U12 player cannot play in U11). However, Girls-only teams are permitted to play 1 year down (e.g. U12 girls can play in the U11 mixed category with boys teams)

Note: Please note an age group may be merged should there be insufficient entries to fill an age group (i.e U13/U14 merge)

Can girls teams enter the tournament?

Yes – girls teams are more than welcome to enter! Please note we will not run a girls-only tournament however girls teams will be allowed to play in the age group below (i.e: an U12 girls team can play in the U11 category)

My team is from outside of UK. Can we enter?

Yes! We welcome entries of teams from all over the world. The Europa Cup has previously hosted teams from England, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, France, India, Malaysia, Zambia, Albania, Holland & more.

How many players & managers can we bring?

Each squad can consist of up to 13 players for this 7v7 tournament. A maximum of 1 Manager & 2 coaches are permitted pitchside per team.

What are the ability levels of this tournament?

This tournament is open to teams of all abilities. In the past, the majority of teams tend to be grassroots along with a few academy teams. The overall ability level is mixed. Our seeding format will ensure you play opposition of similar standard in semi-final/final matches.

How many games do we play in total?

Each team will play 5 x 12 minute games, all taking place on the pitch at Parc des Princes. You will receive a total of 60 minutes football at this tournament.

Do all players receive a medal?

Yes – all players will receive a medal regardless of results! There will be a pitchside medal ceremony at the end of the tournament where all players receive medals & the lucky winners receive trophies

What happens in the occasion of a draw?

In the group stage, teams level on points will be decided on goal difference. In the finals, games which end in a draw will be decided on a penalty shootout

How many teams will be in my age group?

The number of teams per age group will range between 4 – 12 teams depending on demand. All teams will play 5 matches regardless of the number of teams in their age group

Will there be any international teams?

Most teams that participate in this tour are from the UK. However we aim to include a local team from the host country in each age group to allow teams to experience playing against foreign opposition. If this is not possible, you can arrange training sessions/friendly matches with local teams during days when you have free time.


Can we book our own accommodation?

No, all accommodation must be booked through The Europa Cup.

Do toddlers/babies get charged when booking accommodation?

Children that are 2 or under get access free of charge as long as they are sharing a bed or in a cot. If you require a separate bed then there is the standard charge for that occupancy.

Are there different prices for the accommodation for adults and children?

The price per person is the same regardless of age (babies under the age of 2, not requiring a bed, go free)

Are the prices per room or per person?

Please note all pricing for Tour Packages is on a per person basis.

Can we change hotels?

Unfortunately, once you are booked onto a package and paid the deposit, you cannot change unless exceptional circumstances are approved by the hotel.

Can we make changes to who's in each room?

You can make changes to the individuals in each room up until a month before the tournament. You may change your room type also, subject to availability.

What facilities does my hotel have?

We have selected hotels which are family friendly. All hotel details can be found here:

What meals are included at hotels?

Packages 1 and 3 include free breakfast only. Packages 2 and 4 (Center Parcs) does not include any meals, however, every residence includes kitchen facilities, and a number of eateries all situated on-site.

What happens if there are unused beds?

A surcharge will be payable for any unused bed. I.e a Family of 3 booking a Quad room would incur a surcharge for 1x unused bed

Flights and Transfers

Which airport should we fly into?

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) or Paris Orly Airport (ORY). The Europa Cup team will be on hand to greet you and will arrange transfers from these airports for your team.

Can we book flights via The Europa Cup?

No – all flights must be booked by yourselves. We recommend using to search for the best prices.

Are airport / train terminal transfers included?

Yes – for Packages 1 & 2, The Europa Cup will arrange free airport / train terminal transfers. Please note there will be one bus time allocated per team, so it is recommended your team all arrives at the same / similar time to the same airport/terminal.

Which rail station should we arrive into?

We recommend travelling to Gare du Nord station. The Europa Cup team will be on hand to greet you and will arrange transfers from this rail station for your team. Please note there will be one bus per team so ensure you are all arriving at similar times in order to benefit from this

Can I book Train travel via The Europa Cup for my team?

No – The Europa Cup does not organise Rail travel.

Where will the coaches pick us up from for the UK Coach Travel option?

If you book packages 3 or 4 which includes return coach travel from the UK, The Europa Cup will arrange for the coach to collect you from a suitable location (i.e: clubhouse)

How long is the coach journey from UK to Paris?

From your clubhouse or pickup location, the coach will take you to Folkestone Eurotunnel. The estimated Eurotunnel crossing time is 35 minutes. The estimated journey time from the Eurotunnel terminal into Paris is 3.5 hours.

Should you get a morning Eurotunnel, you will arrive into your accommodation in Paris around lunchtime!

What facilities do the coaches have?

All coaches include A/C, TV, DVD, reclining seats and W/C. Please see further information here:

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